Consulting Services

At times physicians and medical groups find themselves where they need assistance in getting themselves out of the situation or find that they do not have the expertise to bring them to where they want their practice to be.

Regardless of the reason why you need to bring in professional assistance, Doctors Financial Health Advisors, Inc. can provide you the assistance you need. DFHA has helped practices increased their revenue, improve the workflow, and providing management services when required.

Revenue Enhancement

Physicians work very hard for the revenue they receive. Ensuring that you are receiving all of the revenue that you are entitled to for services performed is a high priority to the a practice. There must be a clear and open system showing you what is happening with your receivables as well as what is not. If you ever wonder if you are collecting what you should then your system is not how you need it.

DFHA will assess and analyze how all your billing processes are working now and what improvements can be made to help your billing staff maximize its efforts and collect your revenue.

Workflow Management

If it appears that your office is running in a state of chaos it more than likely is in chaos. It is very clear that your office is getting the job done, but properly designing and documenting workflow procedures, properly training the staff, and creating an environment that is a lot less stressful will greatly enhance the outcomes of a day.

Through careful, nonintrusive observation, and working with your staff, DFHA can help your office create all the workflow procedures needed to reduce the chaos and increase productivity.

Management Services

DFHA Management Services are available to help physicians with their needs for special projects or if management oversight is needed for operations of their practice. Dealing with human resources issues, project management, supervision over accounts receivable activities, conflict resolution, or even providing operational management, DFHA is there to help. We are there to get it done for you!

EHR/EMR Selection and Implementation

It is clear that all medical practices will be soon moving toward having a more paperless visit. Physicians will be making the move to integrating an EHR into their practice. Perhaps you have already started using an EHR only to discover that it is not doing what you expected it to do for your practice. Regardless of where you are in your implementation of EHR, we can assist you.

DFHA can assist you in selecting the right system for your practice, work with vendor in the installation and implementation process, provide assistance to your staff during the transition and training period and insure that you are in compliance with the “Meaningful Use” requirements.

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